February 1st, 2024 | RYAN TYLER

Cultural And Ethnic Suicide: A White Story

Our grandchildren won't thank us.
No one should care what colour someone else's skin is, but they do. Everyone does, especially white liberals in democratic countries. They're so obsessed with race that they are willing to engage in destructive rituals of self-loathing, while they allow immigrants to come with their own cultural and ethnic loyalties. In the short term, this might make us feel better about some past transgressions. In the long term, we are setting our grandchildren up for persecution and suffering. 
In theory, this shouldn't matter to anyone who isn't racist. But, it is the road toward extinction that is most concerning. It is the process in which white people will be eradicated and outnumbered that should bother us. It is the experiences that are in store for white people, on their way out, that worries me. However, we can ensure this dark future never manifests by working together, right now, to stop all forms of racism and to call out those who perpetuate it.
In countries like Canada and Australia, there exist laws that protect visible minorities from discrimination and hatred. Laws against hate speech and discrimination have been steadily strengthening in recent years, making many feel uncomfortable stating certain truths, or discussing topics like these. What many who support these laws don't bother to ask is: when whites are no longer the majority, will these same laws protect us?
Twenty years ago, ideas about white people becoming a minority in countries like Canada would have been laughed at. Today, we're realizing that it's no longer a matter of if, but a matter of when.
If all ethnic groups and cultures were truly treated equally, with respect and dignity, this wouldn't need to be discussed. Unfortunately, racism in Western democracies is raging. It never went away like it was supposed to, it merely put on a different costume. Now, it's worse than ever and we're being told to accept it. We've made white guilt and self-loathing mandatory. We're being conditioned to congratulate ourselves as we walk hand-in-hand into a future of persecution and genocide.
That sounds dramatic, doesn't it? But you should keep reading.
Make no mistake about it, white people will be persecuted if current trends extend into the future. At the moment, indigenous populations are being taught to hate us; blacks continue to hate us for our history of slavery and supremacy; many Asians view us as dishonest and evil, often nicknaming us “white devils”. To make it worse, these sentiments are being imported into countries like Canada. Rather than leaving them at the door, immigrants are allowed and encouraged to bring their anti-white sentiments with them. How? Look around. We're considering paying reparations to blacks and First Nations, while we tear down statues of some of our greatest leaders and visionaries.
We hate ourselves and immigrants know it.
So, what happens when we make up only 40% of the population, and then 30%, then 25%, then less? If you don't think that will happen, you should consider our birthrates. Caucasians and Canadian-born minorities are having less children—fewer than what is required for replacement. Indigenous Canadians are having double the children, while African, Indian and Asian migrants are having three times the number of children. In any truly loving and equal society, this wouldn't matter. However, we don't live in a normal, functional society anymore.
Books like White Fragility have taught people to ridicule and dismiss discussions like this. It teaches people, specifically minorities, to believe that talking about this is just another example of us being racist and refusing to confront our own biases, or that we fear losing our power. According to authors like Robin DiAngelo, white people are thin-skinned and defensive when it comes to accepting their own racism.
DiAngelo, a Caucasian, believes that white people need to repent for their unconscious biases. She thinks we need to give up our spot at the top of the racial hierarchy.
What few people seem to realize is that this kind of thinking is unique to white liberals. This bizarre self-loathing and punishment doesn't happen in other non-white countries. It seems exclusive to white, liberal democracies with declining birthrates. Even in Japan, where the birthrate is beyond the point of crisis, this kind of self-loathing and cultural suicide doesn't exist.
This new DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) and ESG phenomenon sweeping across corporate culture is non-existent in countries like China and India, where white people are the visible minorities.
Do you honestly believe that corporations in China, or India, have diversity quotas that would benefit you for being a minority? Do you think you would get first priority for being non-Indian, or non-Chinese? Do you think employees there would get special diversity training for treating you badly? If you do, you're probably a moron. Neither country has diversity initiatives on a corporate or cultural level. You, or anyone from Africa, won't have a special advantage when looking for a job. Furthermore, their countries won't roll out the red carpet and welcome all your rich, white, liberal ideologies.
When you move to China, India, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, or Iran—you leave your culture at the door.
If you're a white, liberal doofus living in Canada, you probably hate yourself. No one living in China or India hates themselves and their own culture the way you do. No one coming to Canada from those countries hates themselves and is willing to leave their own cultures at the door. None of them would engage in the same kind of cultural and ethnic suicide as the rest of us.
Should it really matter if white people only make up 30% of Canada's population in 50 years? Not really, but it does. It matters because we're being taught to hate ourselves. Worse yet, we're teaching everyone else to hate us for the colour of our skin. We're encouraging minorities to hold us accountable for the actions of our ancestors.
Historically, this has been a recipe for genocide.

South Africa

Anti-white racism is alive and well in South Africa. So much so that white farmers have been killed for the crime of being white. This is a hotly contested and debated subject—one that Western media denies and downplays—but one that any white South African living in Canada will confirm to be true. Just ask them.
Racism is a problem in South Africa.
A majority of the people murdered in South Africa are black, but the crimes that have been committed against white farmers can't be denied. Whites make up less than 8% of the country's population, but they still own a majority of the farm land. This, of course, has become a problem for some of the country's black population—most of which remain impoverished.
Just for a minute, try to think about how our mainstream media treats blacks killed by police in America. Why are they treating the murders of white farmers in South Africa so differently?
In South Africa, there is a slogan often shouted aloud. It goes, “Kill The Boer.” You can look it up, but I would also recommend watching documentaries on the subject in which actual South African farmers and citizens are interviewed. One such documentary can be watched here. Our legacy media won't talk to real South Africans about the subject. Anything you read from the New York Times, CBC, or various other legacy outlets will be fabricated and obfuscated. In some cases, they will outright deny that white farmers face racism at all.
The fact is, whites (mostly Afrikaners) own 70% of the farms in South Africa and government statistics show that there is an average of 60 murders committed against farmers every year. Statistics also show that a majority of the crimes have gone unpunished. Overall, whites make up a tiny minority of the country's overall murder victims, but most of the farmers will tell stories about racial epithets and slurs being hurled at them during other crimes. A majority of those crimes are thefts and assault and can be dismissed as the result of poverty and hunger—but why then do a majority of the victims describe acts of racial hatred?
Some of the white farm murders have been too gruesome to discuss and involve victims being burned alive.
To many blacks in South Africa, apartheid never ended. Despite many of the country's citizens being freed and segregation being made illegal, they still don't believe it is good enough. Despite its own government being majority black, they still feel oppressed by whites. To the country's credit, racial violence has been condemned by the government. However, as stated earlier with a link to the evidence, a majority of the crimes against farmers have gone unpunished. As is the case with any country, the federal government can't control and micromanage the sentiments and attitudes of local authorities.
If America has racist police, you can bet your ass South Africa does too. If racial violence happens in Canada, why would you believe it doesn't happen in South Africa? Much of that hatred and violence in South Africa can be attributed to certain radical parties and groups—but ones with growing influence. Leaders like Julius Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters have grown their following in recent years, while the Equality Court in Johannesburg recently ruled that “Kill The Boer” is not hate speech.
Things could go sideways in South Africa at any moment. If the tides turn further against white farmers, things could get worse. The notion that whites cannot be the victims of racism, combined with historical crimes committed by past generations, is fuelling sentiments in South Africa that could lead to full blown ethnic cleansing, expropriation, deportations, or worse. At some point, it could get too horrific for Western media to cover up.
South Africa could be giving us a glimpse into a very dark future.


If you doubt any of this, you should consider history. In the two short years between 1894 and 1896, more than 200,000 Armenians were killed by the Islamic Ottomans. One of the reasons for the genocide was past aggressions by the Christian world, which Abdul Hamid held the Armenians accountable for. 
A second Armenian genocide would happen again between 1915 and 1917, leading to more than a million deaths.
Leading up to WWII, Hitler and his Nazis held Jews accountable for most of the world's ills, accusing them of being rats and shysters bent on world domination. At the same time, ethnic cleansings and genocides based on race and religion were carried out in Croatia, Libya and Ukraine. 
Since 1972, more than 3,000,000 people have been killed across Africa by genocide.
At the heart of every genocide is the dehumanization or demonization of a certain group of people based on their race, religion, or culture. Although it sounds extreme now, history offers countless stories of civilized, peaceful societies deteriorating over time and being balkanized into ethnic and religious regions. The once successful and prosperous Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire), which splintered from the old Roman Empire, eventually dissolved into several warring, ethnic cultures. Throughout history, other empires have crumbled into civil war. Too often, those civil wars have led to genocide and ethnic persecutions.
We'd be foolish to think history can't repeat itself. Self-loathing and normalcy bias are a lethal combination.



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