JUNE 1st, 2023 | ALLAN RAY

David Johnston Is A Disgrace

The once respected former governor general is a crony.
In a stunning display of disregard for transparency and impartiality, Justin Trudeau has yet again demonstrated his affinity for cronyism by appointing his long-time friend and former governor general, David Johnston, as the so-called "special rapporteur" to investigate the Liberal Party's handling of Chinese interference in Canada's previous two elections. This blatant act of nepotism not only undermines the integrity of the investigation but also raises serious ethical concerns about the impartiality and independence of the process.
As expected, Johnston cleared his friend and political acquaintances of any wrong-doing. 
The cornerstone of any credible investigation lies in the impartiality of the individuals involved. By appointing his personal friend, Trudeau has effectively compromised any hope of unbiased hearings. Johnston's close ties to Trudeau create an inherent conflict of interest that casts a shadow of doubt over the entire investigation.
How can Canadians have faith in a process that is led by someone so closely connected to the Liberal Party and who is a member of the Trudeau Foundation?
Trudeau's decision to label Johnston as "special rapporteur" is nothing more than a smokescreen to conceal the cronyism at play. The term "special rapporteur" typically refers to an individual appointed by an independent body or international organization to investigate and report on specific issues. However, in this case, Trudeau is shamelessly bestowing the title upon his friend, in a desperate bid to create the illusion of independence. This undermines the credibility of both the investigation and the position of rapporteur itself.
Good governance hinges on the public's trust in its leaders and institutions. Trudeau's decision to appoint Johnston erodes that trust by sending a clear message that personal relationships and political expediency take precedence over principles such as transparency and accountability. Canadians deserve an investigation that is free from bias and interference, but this appointment only serves to deepen the skepticism and cynicism already prevalent in Canada.

Qualified Experts

There is no shortage of qualified, experienced, and independent experts who could have been selected to lead this investigation. By bypassing such individuals in favour of his friend, Trudeau has demonstrated a lack of respect for the integrity of the process and the importance of bringing in diverse perspectives. This appointment is an insult to the many professionals who have dedicated their careers to upholding the principles of justice and objectivity.
The issue of Chinese interference in Canada's elections is a matter of utmost seriousness. It demands a thorough and impartial investigation to ensure the security and integrity of our democratic processes. However, Trudeau's decision to appoint a personal friend severely undermines the gravity of the situation. It sends a message that political connections hold more weight than the vital task of safeguarding our democracy from external influence.

A Disgrace

Justin Trudeau's appointment of his long-time family friend, David Johnston, to investigate the Liberal Party's handling of Chinese interference in Canada's previous elections, is an egregious display of nepotism and disregard for ethical standards. This decision compromises the integrity of the investigation, undermines public trust, and further diminishes the fight against foreign interference. Canadians deserve an investigation that is truly impartial and independent, untainted by personal relationships and political considerations.
One of the most disheartening aspects of Trudeau's appointment of David Johnston as the "special rapporteur" is the damage it inflicts on Johnston's own reputation. As a former governor general and respected figure in Canadian public life, Johnston had built a legacy of integrity and impartiality. However, by accepting this role as Trudeau's friend and effectively becoming a pawn in a political game, Johnston has tarnished his own reputation and compromised the trust that Canadians had placed in him.
Johnston's decision to align himself with a partisan investigation raises serious questions about his judgment and commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards. By allowing himself to be used as a political tool, he has become a mere puppet in Trudeau's game of appeasement rather than an independent investigator with the ability to objectively assess the Liberal Party's handling of Chinese interference.
Furthermore, Johnston's willingness to overlook the glaring conflict of interest resulting from his personal friendship with Trudeau reveals a lack of integrity. It raises doubts about his ability to maintain impartiality and render an unbiased judgment. Johnston's credibility as a respected public figure has been irreparably damaged by his association with this tainted investigation, and his once sterling reputation has been stained by the brush of cronyism and nepotism.
In the end, by accepting this appointment, Johnston has shown a disregard for the principles and values he once represented. Instead of being remembered as a figure of integrity and impartiality, he will now be associated with a compromised investigation marred by political favouritism. This unfortunate turn of events serves as a cautionary tale of how personal loyalties and political expediency can undermine even the most esteemed reputations.
David Johnston may have been a respected Canadian at one time, but he has become a disgrace.
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