October 1st, 2023 | Grant Johnson

It's Time To Ban The NDP

In a perfect world, conservatives in Alberta would ban the socialist party and beat a new path to permanent prosperity.
Now that the UCP has vanquished the NDP for another four years, we need to acknowledge that the modern NDP is a threat to the safety, security, and prosperity of the province. The ideologies of this party are uncivilized, dehumanizing, and degrading. On every issue, the NDP is wrong and has been for years. The last time they accidently seized power due to an anomalous vote-split, they destroyed the provinces finances and caused four years of missed economic opportunity and ideologically induced pain.
Now that Danielle Smith has won the election, she needs to make the NDP illegal and end this political poison from our midst once and for all.
The first order of business should be to make the party itself illegal. Seize the finances of the party. Assets from financial supporters should be frozen during investigations into corruption and foreign influence. Use this money to pay down the provincial debt that was incurred during the NDP’s reign from 2015-2019.
Once this phase of control is complete, Smith should go after the sympathizer class. Members of the media, the crown corporations (like ATB), the provincial bureaucracy, boards of education, and municipal levels of government. Another five or six thousand investigations into supporters should be sufficient to send a chill throughout the web of social and cultural institutions. The message will be loud and clear that degenerate progressivism will no longer be tolerated in Alberta.
One big impediment to implementing these actions is of course our corrupt and negligent legal system. A thorough purge of liberal judges and lawyers needs to be undertaken as decency and sanity needs to be restored. The abolishment of the RCMP and the implementation of a provincial police force would be a necessary first step towards asserting a proper power base with which to implement a new and orderly system of sensible justice.
I saw a movie once in which the roles of police officer, investigator, lawyer, judge, jury and executioner were rolled into one authority. It seemed to work pretty well. What’s stopping us from these innovations?
Once the investigations have concluded, the guilty enemies of the state should be corralled, and they should be reassigned to real work in government run encampments in northern Alberta, building infrastructure for development and settlement. The first phase could be building a road that connects Desmarais with Garden Creek which would help to open up all sorts of northern opportunities for Alberta. Giving woke progressives the opportunity to build Alberta’s future in a real and tangible way would be an act of mercy by providing these poor souls with direction, discipline, and grit.
Imagine how soul-cleansing it would be for Duanne Bratt to be out in the muskeg with a hand saw, cutting down trees in order to clear space for a future highway. Imagine Don Braid in overalls, carrying a container of water for workers up and down the work site in the hot sun. Imagine Todd Hirsch and Naheed Nenshi, shirtless and digging a latrine trench for the camps in a low-lying area near the project. Ryan Jespersen and David Climenhaga could work alongside one another erecting tents for Sarah Hoffman, Rachel Notley and Druh Farrell to perform burlesque shows in the evening for the men who have finished a hard day’s work.
A second tier of worker class consisting of federal and provincial inmates could join in the northern development. Prisoners could be removed from idling inside cages and put to use in the forests and swamps of the north. If they try to make a run for it, they won’t get far. There’s nothing around and they could be easily tracked and severely punished.
Drug addicts could be shipped from safe injection sites to the encampments where they can go through a supervised withdrawal process and then be put to hard physical labour as a substitute for chemical dependency. This would give them purpose and a drug-free environment.
A third tier of people could be shipped up in supervisory capacities. Hundreds of good paying prison guard jobs could be created to provide the permanent underclass of the working poor with the opportunity to scale up their authority and skill sets, while also increasing their pay scale by double or triple, allowing them to build equity and assets that provide upward social mobility.
Not much time would need to pass under these conditions before the social and cultural landscape would adjust accordingly. People would be terrified to speak out in defense of the NDP and their barbarous ideology. Progressive true believers would be putting their ideology (and backs) to use by working cooperatively up north in the woods. Shitlibs that do nothing more sophisticated than react to social cues would quickly be singing the praises of Danielle Smith and her forward looking agenda, genuflecting the new elite orthodoxy just as they do with the current progressive hegemony now, only louder and with tears.
Conservatives would already be applauding all of this, but the trickle-down effect would sink right into the lowest common denominator. Our society could begin to flourish instead of being weighed down with the wokes and libtards and criminals and cucks.
This shift would also entrench the party into power for generations by eliminating the need for the theatrics of opposition. As former Premier Ernest Manning once put it, “You don’t hire a man to do a job and then hire another man to stop him from doing it!” A one-party state needs to return in the interests of stability and long-term planning.
Danielle Smith has an opportunity to effect real change. With the nature of Calgary and Edmonton moving more and more to the left, she needs to seize control like no Premier has ever done. We need radical change, or we will reach a point in which the NDP and parties like it are going to be the permanent majority. Even ridiculous cuck premiers, ten or fifteen years ago, could win 70 seats. Today, the ceiling is 50. 
Things are changing and we’re running out of time. We need to stop the degeneracy. Restore order. Commit to decency. Protect the future.
Ban the NDP and let’s move forward!
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