December 1st, 2023 | RYAN TYLER

Everyone Needs To Fend For Themselves

Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan need to become self-sufficient.
There are a lot of people trying to find consistency right now. Those who supported sending billions to Ukraine and risking war with Russia are now condemning Israel for its retaliation against Hamas. On the other side, we have those who opposed supporting Ukraine calling to support Israel. It's a real mess of cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy. All sides are guilty. In the middle, we have those who are grappling with how their own views of the world have changed and how the veil that once covered global politics has lifted. Those are the people who will steer the future in a wildly different direction.
First off, where the hell is god? Why isn't he defending the so-called “holy land”? That's a topic for another time, but it is a valid question in the Israeli conflict. Another important truth is that Jews have called Jerusalem their home for longer than Islam has been a religion. If Israel has any real, ancestral owners—it is Jews. Does that mean they're entitled to the land? That might be a question for those who believe Canada's indigenous populations have similar rights in this country.
This is where we enter our first paradox.

Jews Are The First Nations Of Israel, But That's Not Our Problem

Many of the same people slamming Israel in Canada are the same people who rehearse “land acknowledgements” and believe that First Nations deserve more land, more rights, more recognition and greater autonomy. They slam the colonizers, while defending the rights of indigenous people. Yet, none of them seem willing to sell their houses and vacate the land. None of them really want to give the land back, which is why they prefer to acknowledge the land in some sacred, progressive ritual of appeasement.
Some of them want to pay off indigenous populations with reparations—so they can keep living here in peace. They think if they beg for forgiveness and dole out cash, the First Nations will shut up and quit complaining.
Wrapped beneath every cushy facade of virtue and righteousness lives a selfish liberal. They don't really care about indigenous rights, they're just trying to keep the peace and prevent civil wars—so they can carry on with their own lives. One hundred years ago, these would have been the liberals who supported stuffing indigenous children into residential schools for the purpose of assimilation.
These are the people slamming Israel and showing support for Palestine.
None of what they believe makes any sense unless you look at it from two perspectives: selfishness and a lack of knowledge. Their support for land acknowledgements is rooted in selfishness. If they really cared, they would leave and give the land back to the First Nations. If they knew history, they would support the state of Israel, since it has been the ancestral homeland of the Jews longer than Islam has been a religion. Even if they didn't support Israel's heavy-handed response, they would at least show some sympathy to the grandparents and children who were murdered by Hamas. Instead, they're screaming in the streets about genocide against Palestinians.
For the sake of philosophical and political consistency, the people who support indigenous rights should be supporting Israel. They don't need to support the war machine that is killing Palestinian children, but they need to quit calling Jews colonizers. The real colonizers are Muslims and Palestinians, who have existed for only a fraction of the time that Judaism has. I can see how this could be tough for selfish liberals and dopey libertarians to grasp, but being consistent and having solid principles is never easy. For some of the covertly racist liberals, they may view Jews as a simple religious minority rather than a racial minority—which is equally erroneous and ignorant. Atheistic liberals won't know the real ancestral roots of the native Jews, so they will simplify their entire existence under the umbrella of silly religiosity.
Again, there is that lack of knowledge that can be easily solved by reading some books.
At the end of the day, the middle of this conflict is more murky. There is a whole geopolitical chess match being played out at the expense of lives and money. The same is true with Ukraine. The problem is, most normal people don't understand it. Much of that has to do with the propaganda that comes out of all the ends. Inside the West alone there are multiple ideologies conflicting with each other. Some are the ones described above, while the others are a sad mixture of religious neo-cons, misguided liberals, greedy corporatists, and useful idiots serving the other three.
As Canadians and Americans struggle with inflation and massive national debts, the times call for something different. The simplest solution to all of this does, in fact, sound more libertarian than anything else. It also sounds like non-interventionism—because it is.
Everyone needs to fend for themselves. If they can't, too bad. It's due time to let the chips fall where they may. We need to accept the geopolitical consequences and long-term hits to our overall prosperity. There are those who believe the current world order is the only order that can keep the world peaceful, prosperous, and free. That's simply not true. Not anymore.
Israel needs to fend for itself. If the colonizers win, they win. We're too broke and morally bankrupt to continue supporting endless wars and bloodshed. Our whole economic system that hinges on keeping the USD in power can't sustain itself forever. Why not end it sooner rather than later? We need to sacrifice our today for our children. If we prolong the inevitable collapse for too long, our children will have to bear more of the suffering.
Let's get it over with now, for their sake.
In the best case scenario, we revolutionize our monetary system and the West wins through economic strength and hegemony, while going back to its pre-WWII roots of neutrality and non-interventionism.

Ukraine Isn't Our Problem

Who cares if Russia takes half of Ukraine? Let them have the whole country. The only people who care are the rich American profiteers and elites who want to protect the current order. Would that many Ukrainians really hate being Russian? By funnelling endless cash and supplies into Ukraine, we have only caused more bloodshed and carnage.
Russia was always going to win in the absence of a full scale intervention by NATO. We have only enabled the deaths of millions of Ukrainian men. This war could have ended long ago, but the elites who stand to profit—not only from the war but from the continuation of the current order—don't care. They never did.
Reality is finally starting to set in on Ukraine, but only because new conflicts have emerged.
The chance of NATO and the United States trimming back and eventually cutting off support to Ukraine looks high. When that happens, it will be the first major defeat for the current “liberal” world order. Russia will have emboldened America's enemies and showed strength—which is what the elites have feared so much. This is why they will try to withdraw support from Ukraine quietly, while shifting the public's attention to other conflicts. Along the way, they'll sprinkle in some more bread and circuses.
Since the invasion by Russia, Zelenskyy has suspended democracy, banned political opponents, punished religious groups and sent thousands of Ukrainian men to die on the front lines against their will. Despite one-third of Eastern Ukraine being ethnic Russians, Zelenskyy has banned political and religious organizations with links to Russia. Before the invasion, Ukraine was recognized as one of the most corrupt countries in Europe, ruled by its own group of oligarchs and henchmen. That leaves one burning question that no one will answer honestly: who are the real good guys here?
As the West becomes more authoritarian, on both the political and cultural levels, clarity about who is good and evil has become more muddy. This is partly why so many of us have given up our old ideas and worldviews. This is why non-interventionism and a revolution in our economic and political systems is the only answer—next to the complete collapse of the order.
If we can't fix it, we should let it burn down.

We Aren't The Good Guys Anymore, But That Can Change

Slowly pulling out of every major conflict and re-investing those resources into finding alternative economic systems seems to be the only way for America and the West to continue. By investing the money we save from wars into new innovations and revolutionary new technologies, we could save ourselves. The ten billion Canada has sent to Ukraine could have been invested into technology, AI, space exploration, green energy, medical advancements, and millions of things that could have given us a shot at greater economic hegemony in twenty years.
The United States still has the capital and resources to ignite a second industrial revolution, or an entirely earth shattering new technological revolution. While keeping and increasing its budget for self defence, the United States could become a sleeping giant. The West could still annihilate and subdue its enemies with sheer economic might.
The post-war boom of the 1950s could come back, but not without a significant revolution. The current system of protecting the American dollar isn't sustainable. The current fiat system of perpetual debt has an expiry date. All these wars have only prolonged the inevitable end of the current system. As usual, much needed change has been stymied by gray-haired old men.
Before we become the villains who get killed by the hero, we need an awakening.
By becoming an economic powerhouse of revolution, we might be better equipped to deal with the consequences of losing the geopolitical chess game to other players and vanquishing our military control. By re-investing our savings from war, we could start a new game and use new tactics to spread the so-called liberty and freedom we think we have.
Revisiting the meaning of liberty will need to be a big part of that revolution.
The revolutions being discussed here have nothing to do with Marxism, corporatism and authoritarianism. Those are a part of the current system we are trying to end. What we have now is a bizarre mixture of cultural Marxism, corporate cronyism, corruption, and fake free-market capitalism. What we need is more economic liberty, personal autonomy and free speech. It's no coincidence that our society has deteriorated in succession with the growth of authoritarianism and the suppression of freedom.
The revolution we need won't happen under the direction of dictators and politicians—it will happen under the direction of a free market run by autonomous individuals and innovators.

Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan

Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine can no longer be our problems. They need to fend for themselves. If the billions in cash and arms we have sent to Israel over the past fifty years hasn't been enough, too bad. If any country fails to invest our welfare into becoming self-sufficient, it's not our problem. Israel has had decades to take care of itself. If we cut off aid and weapons, it will have no choice but to finally learn.
The same applies to every other country.
The economic prosperity of the West can no longer depend on killing people in wars that are designed to control pieces of the geopolitical chessboard. If Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine are worthy of existing as their own countries, they will beat their enemies and forge their own alliances. If they're not, they won't. Setting aside all religious and ethnic biases for reasons of consistency has never been more important.
Everyone needs to fend for themselves, including us. 

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