October 1st, 2023 | RYAN TYLER

If Justin Trudeau Really Is A Psychopath, This Is What Will Happen

We have seen his narcissism and possible psychopathy on full display.
There is no doubt in the minds of many Canadians that Justin Trudeau is a psychopath and a narcissist. Even if he is on the borderline of what would be considered clinical narcissism and psychopathy, Trudeau's brain will react to certain situations in particular ways. We have seen him react in these ways multiple times throughout most of his career. From the way he dodges reality, deflects blame and turns all of his mistakes into learning experiences for everyone else, Justin Trudeau exhibits the traits of a high functioning psychopath. If this is true, things will play out a certain way on the political scene.
Psychopaths are almost always narcissists. Narcissism is defined by selfishness and thoughts of self-importance. Few clinically diagnosed narcissists care about anyone but themselves. Every action, every thought and every emotional response is about them. A clinical psychopath will find a way to organize and order that selfishness in a socially palatable way. They'll often use charm, fake empathy, and pleasant language to make their intentions sound altruistic. In the end, however, it's always about them.
If this is really who he is, then Justin Trudeau doesn't care about Canadians or about his own political party—he only cares about himself.
There was a video that once circulated online, where Justin Trudeau could be heard on a hot mic telling Sophie that he “never loses”, right before a boxing match. It was a side of him we weren't supposed to see. The video seems hard to find now on Youtube, but he sounded like an absolute, self-assured narcissist. It was similar to something Donald Trump would say, yet no one criticized Justin for it. Luckily, we don't need that video as evidence to show that Trudeau might be a full-fledged psychopath. We have enough to work with.
When a narcissistic psychopath obtains a position of power, the game changes. Their narcissism becomes validated and they begin to feel levels of power and importance that casts a shadow on everything they do. This has been happening with Trudeau since he became the prime minister.
Trudeau's narcissism has been on display for the past eight years. From stories of him yelling at Celina Caesar-Chavannes about how she didn't appreciate him, to how he turned allegations of groping a reporter into something all Canadians and politicians can learn from. At one point, he even accused the female reporter of experiencing his advances differently—a classic gaslighting technique used by psychopaths to deflect wrongdoing. “She isn't remembering it correctly,” is what abusive husbands and rapists say about their victims when they get called out.
Narcissistic psychopaths are never wrong.
Justin Trudeau is never wrong about anything, ever. We've seen him exhibit this lack of accountability in the most chauvinistic and shameless ways since 2015. Even when he has been wrong in the most obvious way, he has never taken full responsibility. Even now, after eight years in power, Trudeau still blames Stephen Harper.
Most recently, Trudeau blamed Canada's ongoing housing crisis on the previous Conservative government.
I'm not going to rehash all the times Trudeau has deflected blame, outright manipulated reality, or tried to gaslight Canadians. The evidence is everywhere. He does it so often that, in the interest of time and patience, I'm not going to list it all here. Chances are, you are well aware of and in agreement about Trudeau's apparent and obvious clinical narcissism. You might also agree that he is an undiagnosed psychopath.
If this is all true, this is what is going to happen in the next couple of years.

Sinking It All

When a psychopath gets backed against a wall and his power and reputation come under threat, he lashes out. He gets angry and starts going nuclear with his deflections of blame. He starts doling out punishments. Since he is never wrong, Justin Trudeau will never accept the glaring fact that he is solely responsible for the Liberal Party's catastrophic approval ratings—and its eventual obliteration in the next election. Consumed with anger and animosity, Trudeau will go on a mission to punish everyone. 
If a narcissistic psychopath knows he is about to go down, he will vindictively go out of his way to bring everyone else down with him.
The number of Liberal MPs who have been thrown under the bus are enough to indicate what Trudeau will do next. He'll throw everyone in the line of fire to get shot, before he takes a bullet. He'll continue to set up other colleagues to fail in his place.
Most importantly, Trudeau will refuse to resign before the next election. If he can't be prime minister, then no other Liberals will be. He'll make sure of it. If he goes down, he is taking the entire Liberal Party with him. Why? Because they owe him. He saved them. Without him, they don't deserve to govern. Any Liberal who suggests he resign will be punished. How dare they! Don't they appreciate what he has done for them?
It's highly likely that everyone close to Trudeau, and inside his inner circle, knows he is a vindictive psychopath and is scared of him.
As for Canadians? Fuck em'! It's our own fault we don't like him. We just aren't smart enough to perceive his magnificence. For that, we deserve what we get in his absence. He'll relish whatever doom befalls us after he is gone.
When that moment comes and Trudeau concedes to Pierre Poilievre, his speech will be delivered with reluctance and strong hints or resentment. He might even slide in a lecture about the choice we just made. He'll then go off and seek new pathways to power and influence. Along the way, he'll write a memoir about how nothing was really his fault and about how the Liberal caucus was responsible for most of his government's failures. He'll probably throw in some stuff about how his eventual divorce from Sophie was her fault. Of course, it won't be overt. It'll all be very cleverly and subtly implied throughout the book.
Like any other high functioning psychopath, Trudeau will find some other avenue to fulfill his desire for power and influence. He won't just disappear. He can't.

The Liberal Party

Alternatively, I suppose there is a chance that Trudeau resigns. If so, he would likely prefer to be replaced by someone horrible, so he can have someone to point at when the party implodes in the next election. It might make him feel better and look better if someone else is at the helm, but his innate resentment and anger might prevent that.
I used to believe Trudeau's ego would make him resign, rather than face defeat against someone he despises. However, if he's a psychopath, that might not happen. 
If, in his mind he isn't wrong about anything, Trudeau may view his loss to Poilievre as yet another failure by Canadians. There may be some actual enjoyment in it for him, especially if he is motivated by punishment. He might view losing to Poilievre as giving Canadians what they deserve. Truly believing that Conservatives are aligned with Satan, passing the torch to Poilievre may be viewed by Trudeau as his punishment to Canadians. So, losing the next election and dragging the Liberals down to rock bottom would be worth it. It would also help negate any slim chance of Liberals winning under a new leader and making him look even worse. It would be the best way to also teach the Liberals a lesson and to make sure no other Liberal gets to be prime minister, as mentioned earlier.
It will all come down to what Trudeau sees as the better outcome for himself and his ego.
In any case, Trudeau won't be prime minister by the end of 2025. He already knows that. For him, it's about finding the best or most destructive way to lose. After the next election, the Liberal Party will be lost in the wilderness for a while and Trudeau will be off on his next adventure, never taking full accountability for destroying his own party. He'll have his pension, his ego, his influence and his self-perceived flawless reputation. He can write books, do speeches, make millions in the private sector and find new endeavours that feed his narcissism.
Meanwhile, the Liberal Party will be in pieces.
Had Trudeau resigned a few years ago, he would have left his party in a better position. They could have selected a new leader and taken the time to prove to Canadians that they were worth re-electing. Instead, he stubbornly stuck around. Scandal, after scandal, after scandal wasn't enough to warrant a respectable resignation. His narcissism wouldn't allow it.
In Saskatchewan, Brad Wall resigned and allowed his party to revive itself. Had Trudeau resigned after the 2021 election, Liberals could have selected a new leader, realigned their messaging, recalibrated, refuelled and gone on to win maybe another majority in the next election. This wouldn't have been anything I wanted to see, but it would have been the noble thing for any leader to do for his party. Now, Liberals might see a loss more catastrophic than 2011.
At the very least, a new leader and new focus could have prevented the worst possible outcome for the party.
The Liberal Party has been nothing more for Trudeau than a vessel for his ego. He doesn't care what happens to it, or to the people who belong to it. He doesn't care about his fellow caucus members who will have their reputations and careers decimated. He doesn't care about the staffers, interns, or low-level employees who won't have jobs after the next election. Never mind the donors and volunteers who threw their time and money out the window.
The Liberal Party is toast and Justin Trudeau doesn't care.
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