JUNE 1st, 2023 | RYAN TYLER

Inside The Minds Of The PC Karens Who Almost Destroyed Alberta

Many Progressive Conservative voters chose economic destruction because they fear Danielle Smith.


The pandemic changed a lot of things in Alberta. The old-school Progressive Conservative voters, who many would argue aren't really that conservative, almost destroyed Alberta because they were afraid of Danielle Smith. They were the people who wore masks, frantically rushed to get vaccinated and attacked the unvaccinated as filthy heathens. They were the same people who perpetually voted for Alberta's corrupt and deeply damaged Progressive Conservative Party for nearly 50 years. When Danielle Smith returned, their fear and loathing of her compelled them to vote for a socialist party. Thankfully, there weren't enough of them to give Rachel Notley a majority.
These Karens have always been gross and pathetic. They're both men and women, but I'm going to refer to them under one label. Their brains are so easily flipped and manipulated by corporate media that it begs serious questions about whether they're even human. By that, I mean, are they empty drones and non-player characters in what is starting to look more and more like a sick simulation? It's hard to imagine how so many people could be so easily manipulated. We see it across Canada, but Alberta has always been the exception.
To my pleasant surprise, Albertans proved they are still the exception. I was convinced the Karens would outnumber the rest of us, but I was wrong. 
Although the NDP did well in places they normally would have failed miserably, a majority of Albertans outside of Edmonton and central Calgary soundly rejected Rachel Notley's disgusting, socialist antics. The Karens couldn't rally enough of their friends to give in to the lies, division and special interests of the NDP. They couldn't get enough of their friends to mindlessly hate Danielle Smith like they do.
The pandemic is over and most Albertans know it, but when you see someone wearing a mask at the grocery store, you'll know who they voted for. That image of a mask stretched across a person's face is the symbol of what remains of the pathetic Karens who almost destroyed Canada's greatest province. You shouldn't confront them, or even talk to them. Just let them be. 
We won, they lost.
You can take solace in knowing that Albertans rejected the NDP's primitive, mind boggling ideology of fear and division. Voters chose unity, economic prosperity and bodily autonomy. Despite a constant barrage of politically motivated and negative corporate news, Smith succeeded and fired the final bullet into Rachel Notley's political career. Under similar kinds of relentless negativity, in a different part of Canada, this kind of campaign would have destroyed a candidate.
Danielle Smith survived it.
Smith should be put on a pedestal by feminists, but she won't be. They'll continue to attack her for the next four years. They'll attack her like a man and talk down to her, because—in their small bigotted minds—she is the equivalent of an Uncle Tom for masculine men and separatists. She may be a strong and fierce woman, but they don't care. They don't care because it's not really about lifting women up, it's about politics and self-interest.
Modern feminists will tear down and destroy anyone they have to, including women who commit wrong-think. The Karens who voted against Smith, and risked economic destruction to defeat her, do not deserve forgiveness. If you're even thinking of letting bygones be bygones, you should stop. Politically, we don't need their support or their votes. We did it without them.
They chose fear, segregation and division. They turned against their own neighbours and friends who opposed mandates, they silently revelled as pastors were arrested and as businesses went bankrupt, and they supported the authorities who denied our personal freedoms. They disparaged those who made different choices and sneered at those who lost their jobs. After all that, they doubled down and again chose economic destruction by voting for the NDP. 
They need to live with their choices. We cannot forgive them. 
Inside the simplistic and easily influenced mind of a Progressive Conservative Karen, you're probably a filthy, embarrassing cousin. If you think the Karens will ever come around, or change their minds, you're wrong. As long as the corporate media exists, they'll continue to consume and repeat every lie and fallacy they're told. These Karens are empty, hollow droids that meander around the world swallowing up and regurgitating every piece of misinformation and corporate propaganda they find. They aren't worth your forgiveness, or your friendship.
PC Karens should start their own political party and stay out of the UCP.
If they don't like Alberta under this new leadership, they should move back to Ontario, BC and the Maritimes. If they were born in Alberta and don't recognize the province they once knew, BC has nice warm winters and tons of drug addicts shooting up on the streets. There is an entire country out there calling for more PC Karens. They're more than welcome to move somewhere that better suits their idiotic beliefs. If not, there is always Edmonton.
If you're looking for the physical embodiment of a PC Karen, look at any former long-time PC MLA who may have endorsed NDP candidates in this election. Since I don't want to give anyone free publicity, I will call any such former PC MLA "Delilia".
This time around, the NDP again had their asses handed to them in several rural and suburban ridings, despite Delilia's endorsements.
Rural Albertans are amazing people and PC Karens have always resented them.
Delilia said, “We don't need more radical ideas and anger.” Like all other PC Karens, Delilia thinks being critical of vaccine mandates, aggressively defending Alberta, opposing economic lockdowns, supporting bodily autonomy and pondering the benefits of two-tier private healthcare are too radical. Never mind how badly our current healthcare system is failing, they have no tolerance for those who look outside the box for reasonable solutions. Never mind how badly all of those things destroyed the economy and the livelihoods of thousands of Albertans, Delilia thinks Danielle Smith is radical for questioning any of it. 
If they didn't feel this way, why else would Delilia endorse socialist candidates?
Socialism is the antithesis of conservatism. However, that doesn't really matter to the PC Karen, because the PC Karen was only ever conservative by habit. Perpetually voting for a corrupt, post-Klein Progressive Conservative government was a habit, more than it was a true testament to the PC Karen's real ideology. What is refreshing, though, is the new found honesty of every PC Karen.
Endorsing NDP candidates and voting NDP should have always been natural for the PC Karens.
After this election, Alberta has regained its balance. The old Progressive Conservatives have finally moved on to a party that better fits their world views, while the real conservatives were finally allowed to vote for a genuine, blue blooded conservative woman. We no longer have to capitulate and appease the progressives, nor do we have to hide and pussy-foot around biased media and journalists. Almost every UCP candidate the media tried to turn into a pariah won. 
As Alberta's economy prospers under low taxes and ambitious economic policies, the UCP won't have to work as hard to get re-elected the next time.
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