MAY 1st, 2023 | RYAN TYLER

Women Are Being Erased, While Men Cower

Men are refusing to stand up for women like they used to.
On an annual basis, male members of the Conservative and Liberal caucuses parade around their offices in women's heels in an effort to combat violence against women and to support women's rights. Meanwhile, they've kept silent about a harmful new trend in which biological men are successfully invading women's spaces. Not only is this trend exploding, it's being encouraged and condoned by the ruling class, which includes our prime minister, the media and every major corporation. When it comes to taking the fight to the doorsteps of those who are violating women's spaces and attempting to erase womanhood, men are absent. Instead of doing anything about it, they're cowering behind lazy and meaningless political theatre.
Fallon Fox is the first biologically male transgender fighter to compete against women in mixed martial arts. Against women, Fox has an impressive career record of 6 wins to one loss. Given that biological males have larger bone density and muscle mass by nature, only the deceitful morons in corporate media have tried to make Fox's career sound like a progressive triumph in diversity and inclusion. Only among those in corporate media is a man beating up a woman something to be celebrated. What was once considered a disgraceful crime is now considered a progressive move forward for the modern LGBTQ movement.
Yes, the LGBTQ movement.
They are, after all, the activists who have warmly welcomed these people into their family and allowed them to wear the movement's symbols. Unlike Gays Against Groomers, a majority of the LGBTQ community appears to support the invasion of female spaces. GLAD has openly condoned and promoted the aggressive invasion of women's spaces by biological males, while most outspoken members of the community have defended people like Fallon Fox. At the moment, there doesn't appear to be much resistance coming out of the LGBTQ community against this dangerous new normal.
To be fair, there are several members of the community, as well as transgender members, who have been outspoken against this misogynistic trend. Caitlyn Jenner and Blaire White are just two examples. However, they have both been given disparaging labels by members of their own community and been castigated by the mainstream media.
In the name of being even more fair, it's necessary to acknowledge that the corporate media and politicians have done more to associate this trend with the LGBTQ community than the community itself. Over time, members of the community seem to have caved to the pressure exerted by external forces. The positions held by the official representatives of the LGBTQ community seem obligatory by nature, while many within the movement appear to choose silence in order to protect themselves from facing the same fate as those who have been shamed and cancelled.
The corporate media's habit of shaming anyone who strays from the common narrative is more powerful than the truth.
What's worse than the LGBTQ community remaining silent and complicit, is the inaction of most men. I can't help but think of a recent video of a man at a Vancouver Starbucks being stabbed, while onlookers sat and did nothing. One man even continued to sit and sip his latte while the victim bled out and pleaded for help in front of him. It was horrific to watch, but it was a snapshot of who we have become.
I have always believed that the two highest forms of evil are stupidity and complacency. Never mind those who commit real acts of evil, like stabbing someone at a Starbucks—they aren't the real problem. The real problem are those who are too complacent to act. The real evil in the stabbing video wasn't the stabber, it was the people who did nothing.
What's more sickening is the paradoxical nature of this evil.
The man who sat and sipped his coffee, while the victim died in front of him, is probably regarded by his friends as a nice guy. He might give to charity, volunteer at a local food bank, or always be available when his friends and family need help. He may have rescued a bunch of kittens from a dumpster. No one who knows him would call him evil. But, make no mistake about it, he is the most evil person in the video.
If you have done nothing and said nothing about this harmful new trend, you are evil. Your cowardice and complacency are the worst forms of evil.
In an alternate universe—where morality is at the core of law and culture—judges, parents, teachers, celebrities, police, politicians and people who enable the mutilation and sterilization of young children, as well as the destruction of womanhood, would be cancelled.
There is no scenario in which history will look kindly on the mutilation of children and the erasure of women. Those who accept and condone this ideology will, one day, be viewed as evil. In this moment, no one knows how to handle it. People are scared to speak out. Those brave enough to take risks are being destroyed, cancelled, alienated and made examples of. However, that doesn't excuse our inaction.
Our society has a severe deficit in courage.
Would this have anything to do with the destruction of masculinity? Maybe. Some of the most courageous people in the fight against this destructive ideology have been women. Riley Gaines and J.K Rowling have done more to fight against the invasion of female spaces than any man. They have done more to regain the ground lost by feminists than the men who put on heels and make hollow statements to win votes. Gaines has done more for feminism than Justin Trudeau's gender balanced cabinet.

Why Have Men Withdrawn From Their Duties?

There was a time when men and fathers would stand up for their women against predators. They would punch other men's lights out and take matters into their own hands. Those times are over and men have retreated into the security and safety of cowardice. Some might blame modern feminism for making masculinity a bad thing, and for shaming men and calling them “toxic”.
Some might say feminists deliberately destroyed masculinity and manhood to level the playing field and to give themselves an advantage. That might be true, but if it is, it has done significant harm to feminist causes by forcing men into shame and fear. Rather than fight alongside women and feminists, more men are now choosing to stand idly by while other men dress up and join female sporting leagues, enter their locker rooms and grace the covers of women's magazines.
In the fight to protect women from predatory men, more men are sitting on the sidelines.
If we were to blame feminism alone, we would be giving most men a free pass. Back in the day, men fought back. They weren't discouraged or afraid to speak out and defend their ideals. They wouldn't have been shamed out of being masculine.
For some reason, men have chosen to be weak and lazy. To some degree, that includes myself. I am probably only a fraction of the man my great, great grandfather was. I will stand up and fight for my wife and daughter when the duty calls, but I'd likely drop dead on a battlefield within minutes. I'd probably cry myself to sleep if I was held captive in a Soviet gulag, like my great grandfather was.
How the fuck did this happen?
The most obvious and glaring answers are: too much wealth and too much privilege. Unlike our great grandfathers, we grew up with more money, more choices, more opportunities, more comfort and more privilege. Our wealth and privilege exceed that of previous generations by huge margins. Compared to other countries, even low-income Canadians and Americans live more comfortably than middle-class Nigerians and Indians today. Unlike men in developing countries, who ooze with masculinity, we haven't faced any real struggles.
We don't know what it's like to physically fight to protect and feed our families on a daily basis, or to be called to war. We don't know what it's like to build our own shelters and to hunt and grow our own food. Through several generations of prosperity and progress, we have lost our masculinity to privilege and safety.
This is why the most masculine men left in our society are farmers, ranchers, inmates and men who grew up in severe poverty. The most common threads that run through the remaining masculinity in our society are poverty, hard work and adversity. The fact that the most masculine men in our society come from adversity and poverty is not a coincidence. Adversity builds strong men. Our decline in strength clearly comes from our society's decline in adversity.
Had the man who was stabbed in Vancouver been stabbed at an Estevan cafe, the responses from the surrounding men would have been far different. Had he been stabbed in rural Texas, the stabber would be dead.
The urban-rural divide in North America pits ranchers and farmers against men who grew up drinking soy lattes and attending university on scholarships and their parent's money. The poverty-privilege divide in big cities pits masculine gangsters and thugs against wimpy, beta males who have never been in a fight. The contrast between the two sides is undeniable and the reasons for their differences are unmistakable.
Privilege produces weak men. It's that simple.

Create And Teach Adversity

Teach your sons to change a tire, start a fire and hunt. If you can't do any of those things, they make for great father-son bonding and learning activities. Take your kids to volunteer at homeless shelters, make them work hard for their allowances and limit their access to luxuries. Don't coddle and comfort your toddlers every time they wipe out. Put a reward at the top of the stairs one time, then leave it empty another time. Teach them that hard work doesn't always pay off in the ways they might expect.
Don't just threaten to throw their toys in the garbage when they misbehave, do it. When they spill their juice, don't replace it. When they break a toy, help them get over it without expecting a replacement. Teach your kids the value of loss and failure.
But, also, don't forget to show them love. Being a relentless hard-ass can have the opposite results. You don't want your children to grow up cold and callous, or to resent you. There needs to be a fine balance between darkness and light. Too much darkness will breed nihilism, while too much light will breed naivety.
Life decisions and outcomes aren't always black and white, but the truth often is.
Standing up for and defending scientific truth is important. Men can't get pregnant. We know this, because a doctor would never run tests to find out why a man with testicles and no uterus can't conceive. We don't need to accept all the made-up gender roles, but we need to accept that there are only two biological sexes and that one is designed to bear children. We need to accept and teach the physical differences between the two, while teaching mutual respect for those differences.
Teach your children the difference between lies and truth, while showing them what hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance look like. If the math doesn't add up, teach them to ask questions and to look at everything from various different angles. Regardless of what the authorities say, your children should be taught to defend the truth and to reject the lies at all costs.
Having the courage and strength to defend the truth comes from knowing adversity.
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