October 1st, 2023 | RYAN TYLER

The System Is Broken And Illegitimate

Serial predators serve less time in jail than political dissidents and peaceful protesters.
In Canada, we finally have a Conservative leader who might be able to win an election. He was always the right man for the job, before he even knew it. Timing is working in his favour and the economic catastrophe at Canada's doorstep is finally starting to jolt Canadians out of their typically Canadian slumbers. Unfortunately, none of this matters. The long game is being lost and no one is making plans to fix it, not even Pierre Poilievre. The only thing we can put our hopes on is a redemption presidency in the United States. However, since the American system is as equally broken and illegitimate, we probably won't see that either.
Tamara Lich is looking at the possibility of ten years in prison, while Donald Trump could be facing 500. The former leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, was recently sentenced to 22 years in prison for his role in a fake insurrection that never happened. He didn't kill anyone and neither did Tamara Lich, but both face prison sentences that exceed what most pedophiles and child rapists would receive in either country.
People who hate Trump and the Freedom Convoy have been pulsating and vibrating with orgasmic excitement over these illegitimate criminal cases. Like deranged fiends, they can't get enough of seeing people they hate suffer and receive a special version of political justice. Never mind that no real crimes were committed. That's not what any of this is about. It's about shutting down dissenting voices, setting examples, and pretending we still live within a legitimate democracy with legitimate laws.
Canada is not a legitimate country and its laws cannot be taken seriously.
It doesn't matter who wins the next election, because the system is broken. Pierre Poilievre won't fix any of it, because he is a part of it. He was born out of it and his career depends on it. In an of itself, the entire Westminster system is a farce and the entire Supreme Court and Senate are stacked with ideological liberals. Whatever Poilievre does as prime minster won't matter. It'll be a waste of time, all because of how the system was designed.
As for the justice system itself, we are looking at an even bigger farce. One that's not worthy of being taken seriously.

The Uneven Hand

Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act to stop a peaceful protest. No matter which way the media and Liberals try to swing it, that's what happened. The non-player characters who believe otherwise need to be educated with facts, then shamed and ridiculed into isolation. We can't afford to let them off the hook. Look at what they have condoned.
Trudeau did not invoke the Emergencies Act during the pandemic. He did not invoke the act when environmental terrorists violently targeted and sabotaged the country's critical infrastructure. He most definitely did not invoke the act when indigenous protesters blockaded railways and halted the transport of essential goods and services across the country. All three of those things should have warranted the invocation of the Emergencies Act based on the grounds that it was invoked to end the Freedom Convoy. Yet, it never was. Not once.
Now, two innocent protesters are facing the possibility of serious jail time. Others who have committed real crimes get to rest easy. In 2020, the crown dropped charges against everyone who blocked railways and threatened critical infrastructure. The actions of those “protesters” halted the transport of over $450 million worth of goods, led to layoffs and caused widespread passenger disruptions for commuters in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.
Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act against the Freedom Convoy because they weren't Liberals, environmental activists, or affiliated with any left-wing groups. The Freedom Convoy didn't like Trudeau, so he punished them. Inside the provincial and federal legal systems, judges and prosecutors were ideologically motivated by all the same things as Justin Trudeau.
This is the stuff of third world dictatorships.

Pedophiles And Rapists

Anthony Collins sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl while she was intoxicated. He recorded the whole thing and posted it online. Then he did it again, this time in front of others who also recorded the second assault on the same girl. He then asked, “Who's next?”
Anthony Collins was sentenced to three years by a B.C. judge.
A Vancouver drug dealer who sexually assaulted two indigenous minors, age 12 and 14, was sentenced to five years by a B.C. judge. A man from Hinton, Alberta was sentenced to four years for violently raping a young woman on his parents' property in 2020. A doctor who sexually assaulted a young boy in Grande Prairie was sentenced to five years. A pastor from Vegreville, Alberta was sentenced to five years for having sex with a minor and making child pornography.
Christopher Duke of Regina was sentenced to five years for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl.
In some more severe cases, where the rape is more brutal, we see between seven and ten years. However, no matter which province you look at, we see an average of four to five year sentences for sexually assaulting a minor, or making child porn. In Canada, the maximum sentence for sexual assault is 14 years.
For added context, the maximum penalty for armed robbery is life in prison.
The list of five-year sentences for those who sexually assault minors stretches far and wide across Canada, with most judges doling out less than half of the maximum sentence for offenders. In Canada, violating the sanctity of a bank comes with more severe consequences than violating the sanctity of a child.

A Banana Republic

Canada is on track to becoming a banana republic. According to several economists, including those at Bloomberg, Canada's housing market has been propping up the country's GDP for years. As per Better Dwelling, Canada's economy is struggling to find other areas of growth. Essentially, this means that most of Canada's economic growth is due to the housing market.
If it wasn't for the housing market, which most agree is currently in a bubble, Canada would likely have zero to negative GDP.
As for Canada's energy industry, it's pretty much dead in the water as long as Liberals remain in power. Manufacturing is dying fast, tourism is declining, tech is minimal, aerospace and science are barely a thing, retail is slowing, and office real estate is sinking. That means, Canada is depending on a small, tiny handful of industries at the moment. Those industries are flailing. If you look at what drives the Toronto Stock Exchange, it's mostly mining, banking and energy—all of which are becoming more volatile.
If the housing bubble finally pops, banking will be the first bit of collateral damage.
Canada's almost non-existent economy is teetering on the brink. Not only are we seeing an increasingly corrupted justice system and political hierarchy, we are getting closer to meeting the full definition of a banana republic. In due time, Canada could have one, single industry to rely on. We know it won't be bananas, but if we're lucky, it might be energy.
Canada even has a cabal of oligarchs that manipulate prices without consequences.
With corrupt billionaires controlling policy and dodging criminal charges, and with a corrupt political cabal in Ottawa, Canada is looking more like a goofy dictatorship than a developed liberal democracy. In a few short years, things seem to have deteriorated quickly—or, they simply became more obvious after Justin Trudeau lifted the veil. Either way, unless Canadians wake up and shake up the whole system, things are only going to get worse.

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