MARCH 1st, 2023 | RYAN TYLER

How Liberals Are More Racist Than Conservatives

Liberals treat visible minorities like pawns in their political game.
You'll notice the size of Pierre Poilievre's crowds and the reactions among Liberal supporters. We haven't seen crowd sizes this big for a Conservative leader since—well, ever. So, as we would expect, Liberals are freaking out. In their attempts to deflate the evident success of Pierre Poilievre and his ability to inspire us, Trudeau's supporters are taking to social media to criticize the lack of diversity among Poilievre's supporters. For Liberals, there are few other ways to defend their leader's failures than by grasping at the old “too many white conservatives” straw.
It's funny how Liberals always make skin colour the primary signature of diversity. At a Trudeau rally, you'll see people with turbans and various skin colours standing behind him. For a political party that has never had so much as a female—let alone a person of colour—in its leadership, it seems necessary to plant visibly diverse people behind the party leader.
Like most non-Liberals, I don't go around assessing people based on the colour of their skin. I don't determine who I'm going to talk to, buy something from, or be courteous to by the colour of their skin. Just like most reasonable people, I judge people by their character and how they treat me. In fact, some of the nicest people I have ever worked with or engaged with have been non-white. A majority of the terrible people I have encountered in my life, actually, have been white Canadians.
Coincidentally, most of the rudest and most inconsiderate white people I know are Liberal and NDP voters, or loud anti-conservatives.
This takes us back to Liberals using skin colour as a way to determine an individual's virtue and worth. If there are too many white people in a room, it's a sign of white fragility, racism and a lack of diversity. The same Liberals who drive expensive cars and vouch for more safe injection sites are the same people who would turn up their noses and refuse to support a safe injection site in their own neighbourhood. They're the same people who talk about helping the homeless, as long as they don't have to do it themselves. They often happen to be the same people who criticize “diversity” at Pierre Poilievre's rallies.
When we observe and make judgments based on how certain people treat others, we often come to the conclusion that Liberal voters are terrible people.
If Liberals took a moment to talk to the people at a Conservative rally, they would probably find a lot of diversity. They would discover people from varying backgrounds, with different life stories and different perspectives on everything from religion to science. However, because so many of the people at Conservative rallies share the same skin colour, Liberals discount and dismiss the diversity within the room.
Most Liberals view diversity as a surface-level distinction. When it comes to Liberals and diversity, their goal is to use visible minorities as a political tool. They put precedent on a person's skin colour and ethnic background, but only when they can see it. They choose to parade around with people whose diversity they can visibly see, because it makes them look better. Trudeau will strategically place visible minorities behind him at rallies, because it makes his party look diverse and virtuous. He'll make members of the LGBTQ community wear rainbow pins and pride shirts, so everyone knows they aren't just average, non-diverse white people.
On a personal level, Liberal supporters will flaunt their visible minority friends to amplify their virtue and anti-racist personas. We'll often see them trying to show off their wokeness in public places by injecting themselves into debates and lecturing people they don't know. It's strictly selfish and self-serving.
It's all for show.
This doesn't imply that the Conservative Party has never engaged in similar tactics, or that conservatives are perfect people, but it does suggest that Liberals are more aggressive in their goals to pander to—and use—visible minorities for their own personal and political purposes. Most conservatives and Conservative Party voters don't spend their time assessing colleagues, co-workers and neighbours based on their visible diversity. They don't calculate the political points, or social credit they could earn by having more visibly diverse friends.
The lack of precedent conservatives put on a person's skin colour and ethnic background explains much of why a Poilievre rally looks the way it does. It also explains why conservative politicians often fumble and make remarks that can sound “out of touch” to an ordinary Liberal or NDP voter. With less of a focus on modern wokeness and visible diversity, conservatives are ill-equipped to deal with the aggressively woke media and zeitgeist.
Few conservatives are racist. Despite Liberal voters attempting to fabricate and manifest white supremacy in everything and everyone that doesn't validate their worldview, conservatives are less racist than Liberal and NDP voters. Most Liberal supporters are completely oblivious to their own biases and racism, yet they're quick to accuse conservatives of unconscious racism, white privilege and discrimination. A lot of Liberals are very conscious of their own attempts to look good by flaunting their visibly diverse friends, but oblivious to how the rest of us perceive it. The total lack of awareness among Liberals makes the term “woke” sound like an oxymoron.
No one is more asleep than an ordinary, life-long Liberal.

Racist Policies And Bad Solutions

The Liberal Party's unconscious (and sometimes very conscious) racism sometimes comes through in their policies and legislation.
In 2020, at the height of the pandemic and economic restrictions, the Trudeau government announced $93M in handouts to black entrepreneurs. While businesses of all colours were hemorrhaging money and taking strides toward bankruptcy, skin colour became the basis for the Liberal government's next welfare scheme.
In Trudeau's official announcement, there was no distinct definition of “black”, only buzzwords and promises to tackle anti-black racism in Canada. Without a clear definition, black can only be a colour—not a heritage, not a way of life, not a culture. In fact, there hasn't been a more blatantly racial piece of legislation since the Employment Equity Act of 1995.
More and more businesses and franchises in Canada are owned by Indian immigrants, but no welfare schemes or subsidies were introduced to support them. Many childcare services in Canada are operated by Filipino Canadians, yet no specific subsidy or handout was introduced by Liberals to support Filipino businesses. Overall, one can assume that neither Filipinos or Indians have dark enough pigment to earn support from the Trudeau government.
White business owners and entrepreneurs are totally out of the question. Our white privilege and colonist heritage would disqualify us from being considered at all, even without our inherently pigment-less skin.
Not a single person with a functioning brain can fail to see the blatant racism in this legislation. Financial support and handouts based on a person's skin colour and pigmentation are beyond conceivable to anyone who isn't a Liberal. You would never see a conservative support anything like this, nor would you see them sit quietly by when it happens. In every case, conservatives have been the loudest opponents of racial Liberal policies.
As vocal opponents of such racism, conservatives have been attacked for being racist.
Liberals are incapable of perceiving the racism behind their own actions, because they believe they are combating a form of unjust, institutional racism that has existed in Canada since the country was founded. The clear disconnect between Liberals and Conservatives is how they both perceive racism and the solutions to it. To Liberals, racism is ongoing, subconscious and institutional—to most Conservative voters, it was mostly resolved decades ago.
Liberal voters see racism in everything, while the party's brass builds on the idea that racism is institutional in Canada. According to Conservatives, racism was mostly defeated by new laws and cultural perspectives long ago and is—therefore—less of a problem. Both sides might be a little bit wrong, but both parties have built their foundations on those two ideas.
What's undeniable is that conservatives have a more sane and reasoned approach to the racism that still exists in our society.
Conservatives don't see racial and racist legislation as an answer to racism. They see handouts to black entrepreneurs as racist, counterproductive and divisive. Solutions to the racial divisions that still exist won't succeed if we continue to separate and segregate people by the colour of their skin. If anything, laws like this only make the divisions worse. Most reasonable people should understand that we won't defeat racism with more racism. Conservatives can see this, but Liberals can't.
So, the only question left to ask is: who's really more woke?
March 2023