Canada Descends Deeper Into Moral Depravity

We now kill the mentally unfit and abuse our children.
If there was ever a country in which the ruling class has lost the moral authority to govern, it is Canada. We can't just point the finger at Liberals without holding Conservatives accountable for the utter moral decay we've been seeing in this country. From the erosion of civil liberties to the euthanasia of perfectly healthy young people, this country has rapidly deteriorated into a sick, twisted and not-so-funny parody of itself. For that, everyone needs to be held accountable.
In a few short years, we've seen police wrestle elders and teenagers to the ground for not obeying public health orders and for playing hockey outside. We've seen doctors prescribe gender reassignment to teenagers and suggest death for people who are mentally ill. We've let our justice system release pedophiles and rapists, while holding anti-mandate protesters in prison for months without a trial. We watched as banks froze people's savings and persecuted people who held the wrong beliefs. We've allowed journalists and media to cover one side of every story, while turning a blind eye to the abuses taking place in front of us. To top it all off, we re-elected a prime minister who has lied, cheated and misappropriated our money on multiple occasions.
This country is a joke, but not a very funny one.
The absolute moral depravity unfolding in this country is sickening. The absolute indifference shown by most Canadians is a reflection of who we are and who we have always been. We were never any better. We were never the country that always “does the right thing”. That was an illusion. Canadians have never fought for anything in their lives, with the exception of those who fought the Nazis in WW2. When it came to preserving the culture we got to keep by defeating fascism, future generations chose to define Canadianism with passivity, complacency and moral laziness.

We Abuse Children And Mutilate Their Genitals

Across most of Canada, children under 18 can't vote or drink alcohol—but they can have their genitals mutilated and take hormone blockers. As was the case with a woman named Mary, whose daughter transitioned to become a male at the age of 16, only to regret it and “detransition” back to a female at the age of 21. Her story was told by the National Post in 2021.
Mary isn't alone. Teenagers in Canada who identify as the opposite sex are seeking treatments at an alarming rate. Gender reassignment surgery in Canada can't be done until 18, except in the case of “masculinization of the torso”, which can be done at age 16. Masculinization of the torso surgery, or a mastectomy, is what Mary's daughter had done.
In most provinces, anyone 12 or older can apply for a gender change on their birth certificate.
When I was 12, I thought I was a Ghostbuster. Right now, I identify as a PhD in Canadian culture and moral relativism. If you have any questions about how far down the gutter Canada has gone as a country, just ask me. I'm an expert. You can call me Dr. Ryan Tyler.
In October 2021, an Ontario bill proposed speeding up gender transitions by bypassing referrals from psychologists and doctors. Between 2004 and 2016, the number of gender confused teenagers jumped from near zero to more than 1,000 at 10 hospital clinics. The American College Health Association suggests that the number of students who identify as transgender has jumped from 0.05% to 3% within seven years. A portion of those statistics come from some heavy liberal states, so Canada's numbers are likely higher. Surely, confusing children about their genders in elementary school and hiring drag queens for storytime has nothing to do with it.
Organizations like the World Professional Association For Transgender Health are pushing countries like Canada to lower the age limit for hormone therapy and surgery to 14. The group calls it unethical and harmful to withhold treatment from youths suffering from gender dysphoria. Parents in Canada have described having their children visit with a doctor for 20 minutes before being prescribed hormone therapy, meaning Canada is quickly heading in the direction of further expanding the scope of gender reassignment in children.
In 2020, British Columbia's highest court tossed out a father's appeal to stop his 15-year-old son from seeking gender reassignment and hormone therapy. The court ruled that the boy's father was entitled to his beliefs but could not interfere with his son's decision. The two justices in the case called the father's refusal to accept his son's decision “troublesome”.
I'm hoping Canada's highest courts will accept my daughter's immediate transition to Supreme Court Justice when she turns 14. My one-year-old son seems to think he's a daredevil, so he should be a professional bungee jumper by 12. I will keep you posted.
The possibilities are endless in this morally deficient country.

We Tolerate Child Rape

Speaking of abusing children, a wise man once said you can judge a society by how it treats its animals. How about its children? If letting our kids permanently disfigure their genitals and reproductive systems wasn't the single tell-tale sign of our moral corruption, how we treat child rapists should be it.
In New Brunswick, a 31-year-old man was recently sentenced to nine years in prison for sexually assaulting a minor and fucking an animal. Nine years. He'll probably be out in three.
Cases in which heinous child sex offenders are released into the public are becoming too common in Canada. In 2020, Laverne Waskahat was released in Edmonton after being sentenced to 13 months time-served for producing, possessing and distributing child pornography. His victims were children, male and female, under the age of three.
He produced pornography with children under the age of three and we let him out.
Waskahat is among others who have been released for sexual crimes involving children. Brian Keith Davey was released in Calgary after serving two years for inviting sexual touching; Cyril Douglas Apetagon was released in Calgary after a two-year sentence for breaking court orders after a previous four-year sentence for breaking and entering to commit sexual assault. Apetagon has a known history of sexually assaulting underage boys.
Repeat child sex offender, Shawn Joshua Deacon, was released to live in Abbotsford, B.C. after multiple sexual offences against children dating back to 1988. Brian Edward Abrosimo served 14 years—before being released—for raping a woman and then an 11-year-old girl whom he hit with his car before gagging her and covering her head.
Michael Wayne Carpenter was released on supervision and poses a significant threat to vulnerable female children, as stated by the Vancouver Police. Randall Hopley served six years for sexual offences against young boys; Daniel Justin Isto served two years for sexually abusing two 11-year-old girls; Peter Whitmore, a long-term repeat offender, served three years for abducting a five-year-old boy and possessing child pornography; Dale Kunath was released on parole after seven years for sodomizing and torturing a six-week-old baby boy.
The average penalty for raping kids in Canada seems to be six years. To add some context, the minimum required jail sentence for armed robbery in Canada is four years. The maximum sentence for robbing a bank with a firearm is life in prison. The maximum sentence for molesting a child in Canada is 14 years. That sentence came into effect in 2015 after amendments to create “tougher penalties for child predators”. Really.
It was as recently as 2015 when Canadians decided to get tough on child rapists—by making sure they serve “no more than 14 years” in jail.
In Canada, violating the sanctity of a bank can come with a life sentence, but violating the sanctity of a child comes with no more than 14 years. In a majority of cases, child molesters and rapists are released within six years. In cases like the one involving Peter Whitmore, a man can kidnap a young boy, be caught with duct tape and lubricant, then be releases after three years. A person can rape two 11-year-old girls and get away with only two years in jail.
Welcome to the Canada that you helped build. What have you done to change it? Besides swear and scoff for a few seconds when you hear about these cases on the news, what do you really do? Let me guess. You do nothing. You turn the channel to hockey and put a nice hot cup of shitty coffee to your lips.
I'd tell you what I would do if anyone ever molested one of my children, but this is Canada and I could go to jail, or be fined, just for suggesting my preferred punishment.

We Want To Kill Sad And Mentally Unfit Children

Under Canada's new medical assistance in dying (MAID) program, euthanasia for victims of depression is now on the table. The list now includes people with onset dementia, hearing loss, mental impairment and other disabilities. In 2023, Canada could make it legal for minors to request euthanasia without parental consent. That's the kicker.
Three human rights experts at the U.N. have denounced Canada's euthanasia laws, while Forbes published a piece saying the laws “carry upsetting Nazi-era echoes”. No kidding. We even call it “MAID”, like we're trying to clean up a mess and take out the trash.
This is the kind of stuff Hitler did and what Tommy Douglas wrote about in his thesis, but we only condemn people as Nazis in Canada if they attack gender ideology, or complain about having their rights to speech trampled on. You can barely spend a day browsing through Canadian media without someone complaining about white supremacy, far right radicals and fascists—yet, here we are, doing literal Nazi things.
By making it legal for minors to request death without parental consent, we are opening the door to mentally incompetent and incapable people being put to death by doctors, potentially against their will. Without requiring the consent of a caregiver or parent, any doctor or nurse could conclude that a person who is incapable of communicating has chosen to be euthanized. Whether by accident, or on purpose, doctors could begin prescribing death to people who can't communicate. Worse yet, they could coerce some people into accepting euthanasia over other treatments.
I know our healthcare system is struggling, but come on. This is some serious Nazi level eugenics.
In 2016, when the first euthanasia laws came into force, there were 1,018 medically assisted deaths in Canada. By 2021, there were more than 10,000. According to the latest Leger poll, 45% of Canadians support expanding MAID to include people with mental disabilities and mental illnesses. In the same poll, a 51% majority of Canadians support euthanizing “mature minors”.
Congratulations, a majority of Canadians have come around to agreeing with Tommy Douglas about problems with sub-normal families and with Adolf Hitler about purifying the population. Eugenics went from being a horrifying ideology to normal in Canada—all on the basis of being humane.
Just when we thought the sanctimony and self-righteousness of Canadians couldn't get any worse, we're now watching them support the killing of depressed and mentally unfit children, or “mature minors”, in the name of their own righteousness. Nothing speaks louder to Canada's moral relativism and sanctimony than accepting old fashioned eugenics under the guise of ethics.
The slippery slope starts here and you're either on board, or you're another complacent moron who is open to letting it happen as long as it doesn't interfere with the NHL payoffs.

We Punish Free Speech

Under the Trudeau Liberals, free speech has become an afterthought. I could be in more trouble for writing this article and telling you what I would do to a child molester than a child molester would be for molesting a child. Simply laying out the moral depravity of gender reassignment for children could get me in trouble if I'm not careful with how I say it.
Let that sink in.
Hate speech laws are seldom pursued in Canada, but bank accounts have been frozen, peaceful protesters have been arrested under emergency orders and held without bail, public figures have been cancelled for speaking out and Liberals are attempting to bring in stiffer measures to deal with “harmful speech” online.
I can't think of a better way to silence dissent against pedophiles, corrupt politicians and insane health professionals than by taking away our ability to express ourselves publicly. By labelling our words as “harmful”, almost anything that challenges the corrupt ideologies being taught in schools and media could be quelled and quieted.
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