Karen's Moral Compass Is Broken

They're offended by mean words, but turn a blind eye to real evil.
Donald Trump's election started to pull back the curtain, then the pandemic showed us who people really are. We discovered a person named Karen. Karen is a unisex representation of a person with a broken moral compass. Sadly, there are millions of them. These people are our next door neighbours, our employers, our co-workers, our children's teachers, our friends, and family we have known most of our lives. After 2020, we finally got to see them for who they really are.
The Karen believes everything that comes from corporate mass media. Any time some weird new trend emerges on TikTok among teens and adolescents, we get a glimpse of young Karens in the making. These are people with no real minds of their own. They're like algorithmic robots that respond to external commands, without ever developing the capacity to critically analyze those commands. The Karen's ability to think freely is non-existent. The scariest part of it all: they are completely resistant to truth and facts, no matter how hard we try.
The Karen cannot be reasoned with, or persuaded by common sense, logic, or truth.
They are driven by basic commands and narcissism. They unkowingly put themselves in the centre of all their responses. When they put on surgical masks, they are accomplishing only two things: they're signalling their obedience and protecting themselves. They have no other innate objectives. They don't really care about protecting the people around them from the germs they fear, they are merely advertising a virtue they don't really have. Why? Because it makes people like them and it makes them feel more safe—all because the television and some social influencers told them it would.
When it comes to morality, the Karen has no real concept of it. For Karen, morality is something you wear to impress others.
Karen's favourite U.S. president is Barack Obama. Why? Well, the first reason is that he is black. Not voting for the first black president would have been racist, no matter how many lies he might have told. Not having an Obama/Biden lawn sign or bumper sticker would have looked uncool—and racist. Once he became president, acknowledging or accepting any of his faults and moral failures would have also been racist. He was the first black president! Don't you see? Had we treated him like every other white president, black people would have become even more disenfranchised. The first black president needed to be perfect in order to rectify America's racist history of slavery and segregation.
Seven years after Obama was elected, all of America's racial wounds were healed—until that racist Donald Trump came along. Never mind Black Lives Matter and the racial riots that burned down a few American cities halfway through Obama's presidency, or the killing of police officers. That was still Trump's fault. Even before Trump came along, it was all those deplorable MAGA racists hiding in the shadows who undid Obama's hard work and caused all of America's racial disharmony.
Voting for and supporting Obama was a collective virtue-signal by Karens, before we even knew who Karens were.

Killing Children

Karens would rather have presidents who start wars for oil and drop bombs on children, than a president who says mean things. As long as they speak eloquently and maintain a sophisticated demeanour, a president can authorize the killing of children.
On December 12, 2013, Obama continued the Bush tradition of striking weddings and killing women and children in foreign countries. Human Rights Watch confirmed that a convoy being targetted in Yemen by the Obama administration was, indeed, a wedding procession and that a majority of those killed were civilians, including several women and children. Of course, the corporate media downplayed the incident and praised Obama for conducting a review of the incident. A few months before the strike, Obama outlined a policy in which there must be a “near-certainty” that no civilians would be killed in any U.S. authorized strike. That, of course, was a ruse designed to polish his own shine. Obama had no intention of not killing civilians, but he knew the corporate media would do his bidding by ignoring the facts and avoiding negative criticisms.
He was the first black president, remember?
In 2008, media went nuts over two strikes in Afghanistan under the Bush administration that killed women and children in wedding parties. Within the same year, the Wech Baghtu and Haska Meyna bombings killed almost 100 Afghan civilians attending weddings, causing the corporate media to go on an anti-Bush/McCain blitz in the middle of an election year. At the time, Bush and the Iraq war were highly unpopular. When Obama took office, he ramped up America's drone and air strikes in the Middle East. At one point, he even did something unprecedented and unconstitutional: he assassinated an American citizen in Yemen.
In the Obama administration's assassination of an American citizen, the target's 16-year-old American son was also killed. That means Obama authorized the killing of a kid. An American kid.
When another airstrike on a wedding in Yemen happened under Trump in 2019, the corporate media made sure to publicize the death count and to cite the human rights violations. Reuters called the airstrike “the deadliest attack on civilians in Yemen's war”, making sure we all knew that 130 innocent civilians had been killed. Before that, Americans didn't even know there was a war in Yemen. The U.N Human Rights Council also “raised alarms” over the growing number of civilian deaths. No such alarms were raised prior to 2017 and the conflict went largely uncovered by mainstream media.
Obama backed the Saudi-led war in Yemen to protect the country's pro-American government in 2014. Before that, Bush was carrying out strikes in the country to kill members of Al-Qaeda. Not much changed under Trump, except how the media chose to cover the conflict. In April of 2019, The Guardian called Trump's choice to keep America involved in the war “a scandalous abuse of power” and called Trump's alliance with Saudi Arabia “unholy”.
America's complicated alliance with Saudi Arabia dates back to the Nixon administration.
Because Trump is unrefined and says horrible things, he isn't allowed to do all the same things every president before him has done. Killing kids suddenly becomes a moral sin when the evil Orange Man does it. Ramping up a losing war in a foreign country and maintaining a relationship with Saudi Arabia? Suddenly wrong.
If you're looking for Karen's approval to kill kids in foreign countries and to assassinate American children on foreign soil, you'll need to look good, be well-spoken, and appear sophisticated at all times. As long as you support every progressive cause the media tells Karen to support, you can kill as many kids as you'd like.
That's all it takes to fool a Karen.

Grooming, Indoctrinating, Mutilating And Harming Children

Look at any photo from a library drag show. How many fathers do you see? Maybe one, but probably none. One of the few times the word Karen can be used to describe mostly women, is when children are being exposed to men who dress up as women and put on lurid performances in libraries. Whenever you see images of these performances, the audience is 95% women. Most of them, if not all of them, are likely single mothers. If they weren't single, their husbands would forbid them from taking their children to these shows. If they have husbands, their husbands are Karens and simps.
Men are far less likely to support the involvement of children in the gender war—unless they're pedophiles.
Some of the men at these shows could be gay fathers, which most people don't have a problem with. Double-dad families are fine, but being a Karen isn't. There is nothing virtuous or inclusive about taking small children to shows where men dress as women and dance around with their genitals exposed or bulging. It's disgusting. Any man who supports it is either a brainwashed Karen, or a pedophile. That fact is not debatable.
Justin Trudeau looks good, has nice hair and a famous family name. Naturally, Karens flock to him like wasps on sugar. He tells them that library drag shows are fine and that anyone who disagrees is a homophobic white supremacist. He did the same when it came to vaccines. Anyone who had questions about their safety and effectiveness was a fringe lunatic and bigot from the internet—and probably a conservative. At one point, Trudeau questioned whether Canadians should tolerate vaccine hesitancy.
Like rabid coyotes, Karens turned against their neighbours, relatives and close friends even harder.
In the past five years, Canadians have witnessed Karens throw away and destroy the age-old doctrine of protecting children. Like obedient robots, they took their kids to get an untested vaccine as soon as it became available, they masked their children in classrooms, exposed them to sexual concepts about gender and sexuality, and became loud and vicious when anyone questioned them. They did these things because their masters told them it was right.

Demanding Segregation And Lost Jobs

During the pandemic, countless thousands of nurses, federal workers and entrepreneurs lost their livelihoods. Although the pharmaceutical giants never tested the new vaccines for their ability to stop transmissions, those who refused to get the vaccine were fired, expelled and segregated on the grounds that they were putting others at risk.
While this was happening, Karens were sneering at those who lost their incomes and were encouraging more companies to fire their employees in order to “protect” everyone else. (Really, Karen only wanted to protect herself.)
The typical Karens, who once lamented low minimum wages and people's inability to earn a living salary, were encouraging companies and governments to make people unemployed. The same Karens who fought for bodily autonomy and abortion no longer followed their own tenets. Their ideas of personal freedom and “my body, my choice” were turned around. Strangely, however, the Karens were unwilling to acknowledge their own cognitive dissonance and continued to insist that all those principles still mattered. It was strange, but in hindsight, it shouldn't have been so shocking.
The Karen only has principles when it's convenient.
Their masters and gurus peddled the lie that the new vaccines prevented transmission. Three years later, those same people would attempt to gaslight the rest of us by claiming they never said that. They denied ever claiming their vaccines prevented transmission, despite spending years using the argument to conquer the moral high ground. “If you don't get vaccinated, you risk making other people sick. You are being selfish. Therefore, you can no longer work unless you agree to get jabbed,” they told us.
Not only did Karens encourage the termination of people's careers based on their own fears and a giant lie, they sneered at and lectured those who lost their incomes. The short version of what every Karen said is: If you refuse the vaccine, you deserve to lose your job. We have no sympathy for you. You need to comply, or die.
And die is what many people did.
Being unemployed and depressed, many Canadians turned to drugs and alcohol. Some even killed themselves. In fact, some could argue that many of Canada's overdose deaths have been suicides. Overdose deaths in Canada trippled during the pandemic years and continue to rise. In places like B.C., Karens chose to solve the problem by giving out free drugs and building more safe injection sites. Ever since, rates of drug abuse and overdoses have increased even further.
The healthcare system took a massive hit when thousands of nurses and doctors were fired and never hired back. We still don't have solid numbers on how many have died while waiting for life-saving procedures. Sadly, we might never find out. Canada's media and government will only gaslight us with more manufactured narratives.
Homelessness has risen dramatically in most of Canada's major cities. Tent cities and communities have popped up in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Toronto. Many of the new homeless have turned to drugs. To most Karens, the traditional liberal solutions come to mind immediately, no matter how harmful or regressive they might be. As long as they make Karen appear virtuous and inclusive, it doesn't matter.

Holding Karen Accountable, Solving The Problem

The list of things could go on. Karens have ruthlessly and selfishly destroyed our society to feed their own narcissism and megalomania. They enabled greasy pharmaceutical companies and politicians, while spitting their vitriol in the faces of struggling Canadians. They aided and abetted every regressive policy and agenda that has set us back.
If we forgive them, they won't stop.
The truth is, we need to keep holding them accountable. We need to keep shaming them, calling them out and fighting back with facts. Slowly, but surely, reality always wins. We can't give a single inch of ground to their causes and cries, or we will keep losing. So far, the facts are revealing themselves in unpleasant ways and compelling ordinary Canadians to react. Housing costs, crime, poverty, unemployment and drug abuse are the consequences of Karen's actions—but they're also the undeniable realities that will turn the tides.
Because the mere appearance of virtue and righteousness is at the heart of every Karen's personal agenda, we need to re-frame what it means to be virtuous and righteous.
Protecting children from abuse and harm should be virtuous. It needs to be understood by a majority of society that exposing children to sex at young ages is not inclusive or virtuous, but immoral. Allowing kids to make harmful choices is nothing short of reprehensible. When more people begin to frown upon these false perceptions of virtue, more Karens will fear being associated with them.
We need to keep fighting back against the gatekeepers who have been peddling these false perceptions. The more they lose, the more reluctant they'll be to promote and condone these negative behaviours. The backlash against certain corporations has been valuable, but it cannot stop. As the backlash intensifies and becomes normal, more an more corporations will be forced to face the consequences of their actions. Over time, they will correct their behaviours.
As a natural consequence, Karens will change course. They'll never stop seeking out virtuous deeds to bolster their own images, but maybe they'll start finding them in better places.



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