November 1st, 2022 | Tara murray

Three must-watch streaming recommendations

These three movies might be up your right-wing alley.
People who subscribe to right-wing politics aren't exactly the favourite target audience for Hollywood liberals, but there are a few worthy movies and shows streaming on Amazon, Netflix and Disney right now. In this case, there is one movie on the list in which conservatives do become a "target" for liberals.

The Hunt  (Netflix)

Conservatives were the first to lose their noodles upon hearing about this movie and its plot in 2020. Donald Trump attacked the film for its portrayal of MAGA supporters, but that was without ever watching the movie. The film is directed by Craig Zobel and co-written by Damon Lindelof (Lost, Star Trek, Prometheus). It stars Betty Gilpin as a hilarious and quirky protagonist who finds herself in the middle of a violent hunt orchestrated by elitist liberals and MAGA haters.
This film is a satire and, honestly, it attacks both sides fairly. Crystal May Creasey (Gilpin) finds herself lost in a wilderness somewhere with several others, gagged and bound. It takes a while to realize who the protagonist of the film really is, but the film's clever plot and writing takes the audience on a wild, bloody ride that eventually reveals Creasey as an ex-military victim of a politically motivated hunt.
The elite liberals who are hunting her eventually find out they fucked with the wrong gal. Halfway through the film, the antagonist and mastermind behind the hunt is revealed with a surprising cameo and epic final battle.

Dragged Across Concrete  (Amazon Prime)

This 2018 indy film is directed by S. Craig Zahler and stars Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson as two suspended police officers. It features Don Johnson as their reluctant boss with the misfortune of having to take their badges.
Our current political climate becomes a focus of discussion after Vaughn and Gibson find themselves at the centre of a controversy over police brutality, resulting from a leaked video of the two assaulting a drug dealer. Upon revoking their badges and suspending them without pay, Johnson and Vaughn briefly lament the current climate in a way that could be described as very "unwoke" and honest.
The film doesn't spend much time on politics after that, but it acts as a good, old, gritty crime drama with twists, turns and shocks along the way. With a running time of 160 minutes, Dragged Across Concrete is a great cop drama that's worth the time.

Black Panther (Disney Plus)

This one may seem shocking to readers here, but 2018's Black Panther is not the ultra woke, progressive nightmare that many conservatives have portrayed it to be. In fact, the film's message is one that slaps down the ideas of racial warfare and tribalism often sold by the progressive left.
With a highly publicized all black cast, this movie delivers a good, traditional message while offering the same action-packed adventure as any other Marvel movie.
The film's antagonist turns out to be a segregationist racist who is eventually defeated by the hero, who denounces racism and the isolationist policies of Wakanda. The film's message was so surprising compared to what some audience members and conservatives were expecting, that Esquire's Steven Thrasher found himself disappointed and questioning whether the movie's audience was being asked to root for "the wrong character".
Putting aside their predispositions and expectations, most conservatives should get a kick out of Black Panther.
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