MAY 1st, 2023 | Thomas Carter

Vivek Ramaswamy Is The President America Needs, But Won't Get

This Indian-American Republican candidate deserves to be heard.
Vivek Ramaswamy is the president America needs, but won't ever get. He is the author of Woke, Inc. and is a successful entrepreneur with a vision that would make Democrats lose control of their bodily functions. He rails against harmful gender ideologies and the destruction of the nuclear family, but stumps for fewer regulations and more capitalism. Ramaswamy is a dream boat and the ideal Republican candidate for 2024, but he won't win the nomination. Even if he could, Democrats would unleash hell and fund one of the biggest and most racist smear campaigns in U.S. history.
With Donald Trump pulling in more donations and support than ever due to his criminal indictment, no other candidate stands a chance in the Republican primaries. The second runner-up, Ron DeSantis, has seen his fortunes sink in recent weeks and support for Nikki Haley hasn't budged. The likelihood of an Indian American with radically refreshing conservative views rising to the top is low.
The only chance Vivek Ramaswamy has is to become the Republican Party's new Ron Paul.
In the primaries, Vivek will make waves. He speaks well and taps into every conservative nerve with his views on gender ideology, regulations, fatherless homes and capitalism. He'll be used as a tool for corporate media to accuse Trump of racism, as the frontrunner is more than likely to come up with a controversial nickname for Vivek. He will make headlines, but most of the corporate headlines will make him sound like the pathetic victim of a big, orange bully.
If there is any notion that Vivek could rise higher than 20% in primary popularity, Trump will find a way to strike him down, if the GOP establishment doesn't find a way to do it first. Vivek will be the subject of excellent conservative memes and he'll quickly become a GOP hero, but he will have to settle for second best and only a few delegate votes. The nature of the American system will keep him relegated to a popular rogue with no chance of ever winning.
Vivek will never be more than a meme generator, but his influence could shake things up.
Just like Ron Paul, Vivek will leave a lasting impression on the Republican Party. As primary season goes into full swing, he'll gain more exposure and have an opportunity to break out of his role as a cult, internet folk hero. His views will resonate with both young and old Republicans, and he might help bring more unconsciously anti-woke members into the party.

Pointless Wars

Vivek has made foreign policy and military intervention focal points of his campaign. Since Ron Paul, an anti-war faction inside the GOP has ballooned and Vivek is tapping into it. He has lambasted pointless wars and promised to strengthen the U.S. armed forces and realign their goals toward protecting our borders, not fighting “a pointless war somewhere else”.
For young conservatives and independents, the GOP's anti-war candidates have been most effective in rallying support among America's youth. During Ron Paul's era of influence, Republican membership among the 18-25 demographic soared and propelled Paul into second place in several pivotal primaries. Vivek will be able to do the same and his status as a racialized minority will play well with an even more inclusive, younger demographic.

Affirmative Action

Vivek has spoken out against one of the most racist policies in American history. He has promised to abolish the harmful practice of segregating students and people by race, arguing that America's most fundamental divide is black vs. white and the racial divisions created by politicians and corporations for their own gains.

Gender Ideology

Ramaswamy has gained the most notoriety and fame in the past few months by railing against harmful gender ideology and the exploitative sexualization of children in America. On his podcast, he has hosted strong and vocal opponents of the transgender movement while arguing against the woke agenda of corporations like Hershey and Anheuser-Busch.
Vivek has argued against the destruction of the nuclear family by the transgender movement and organizations like Black Lives Matter. On the campaign trail, he has said, “The nuclear family is the best form of governance known to mankind, not the state.”

Listen To Him

Vivek's most powerful ability is his speech. He hearkens back to the days of Obama, when a well-spoken and passionate non-white man took the stage and mesmerized Americans with his ability to string together powerful sentences. Not only can Vivek put together well structured sentences from scratch, he delivers them with force and gravitas.
The internet and Twitter are now full of Vivek's powerful speeches. He mas mesmerized members of the NRA with his speech on mental health, he has stunned old white conservatives with his promise to use the military to wipe out drug cartels, and he has enthralled young conservatives with his promise to end meaningless wars.
If you do anything after reading this, make sure to follow him on Twitter, subscribe to his podcasts and watch his speeches across several platforms.
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