September 11th, 2022 | STEVE PARKER

Poilievre has promises to keep

The new Conservative leader made big promises on the leadership trail.
Well, friends, the results are final. Pierre Poilievre has won the Conservative Party leadership with a resounding and decisive victory unlike anything the party has seen in its history. The results are undeniable and Poilievre now has the strongest mandate of any Conservative leader since Stephen Harper—perhaps even stronger than his. The only question remaining is whether Poilievre will stay true to his promises.
Many a folk have questioned Poilievre's true character, but the next coming months will be pivotal in determining what Poilievre is made of and whether he will pull the rug out from beneath his staunch followers and the party faithful, like his predecessor, Erin O'Toole. The ball is now in Pierre's court and he has only a small window of opportunity to show conservatives and Canadians that he is more than a sweet talker and hollow pied piper. He must now take decisive action to purge the caucus of unfaithful and negative dissidents and to bring the rogue elements under his control. He must do everything to bar the former strategists, who so miserably failed in the last two elections, from having anything to do with his campaign.
If Mr. Poilievre fails at keeping his promises and fails at expelling the party's old guard, he will lose the next election and retire into disgrace and obscurity.
The Liberal media will be out for his blood and he will have a groundswell of hatred grow beneath his feet, but if he can keep the conservatives and new voters who support him on his side, he will win a decisive but very slim majority against Justin Trudeau—we can be certain of that! This would only cease to be the case in the event Poilievre abandons and betrays those who have trusted him and carried him this far.
We here at PostCanadian will be sure to keep Pierre Poilievre true to his word. Here is a list of promises he has made on the leadership trail. Minus some unforeseen and explainable circumstance, we expect him to keep each and every last one of the promises we have listed here.

Protect Free Speech On Campus

If Canadian universities fail to uphold the principles of free speech, a Poilievre government would freeze grants and funding. The new Conservative leader made the promise during the summer, when he vowed to appoint a judge, or a “free speech guardian” to oversee the new rules.
The new guardian would investigate allegations of censorship and ensure compliance among universities. “The Charter protects free speech, not hate speech, as explained by the Supreme Court of Canada. So does my academic freedom and free speech policy,” Poilievre proclaimed in a written statement to the National Post.
Poilievre will be expected to protect free speech across the rest of the country and for all Canadians.

Repeal ANTI-ENERGY Bills

In the spring during his leadership campaign, Poilievre promised to repeal bills C-69 and C-48, one of which increases conditions for pipelines with “impact assessments” and the other that limits tankers from carrying crude through British Columbia ports.
“I will replace these anti-energy laws with new laws that protect the environment,” he said.

Scrap The Carbon Tax

In Saskatoon, Poilievre told a campaign crowd, “Under my leadership, taxes will only ever go down.”

Ban Tory Ministers From The World Economic Forum

One of the most important promises for many in the grassroots conservative community is Poilievre's promise to ban his ministers from attending the World Economic Forum. On a few of his stops during his leadership campaign, Poilievre promised to ban his ministers from attending the Davos meetings if elected Prime Minister. Video of him making the promise, along with many others, can be viewed here.

Defund The CBC

On numerous rally stops, Poilivre has promised to defund the CBC to roaring applause. “We'll defund the CBC,” he has said, to earth-shaking cheers and clapping in every corner of Canada. Currently, the CBC consumes $1.5B in taxpayer money yearly, of which could be used to fund many clean and green energy initiatives. As well, it could feed and house millions of struggling Canadians.
Defunding or abolishing the CBC has been on the minds of conservatives for years and it may finally come to be under a Poilievre government.

Enact “Pay-As-You-Go”

Poilievre has publicly stated, numerous times, his “pay-as-you-go” measure, which would cap government spending.


Congratulations on your incredible win, Mr. Poilievre. We, along with many other independent media, will be watching and tracking the promises you have made in your bid to win the leadership.
September 2022