September 2nd, 2022 | Thomas Carter

The politcal idiocy of kevin costner

He was a Republican before he was a Democrat and a Democrat before he was a Republican.
America is full of Independents and non-affiliated voters, more than 20% to be exact; but many of them have their ideals and views sorted out. For many of them, there exists a rhyme and reason for their endorsements and affiliations. In Kevin Costner's case, there is what appears to be a clear liberal bent and some opportunism. Recently, the actor was photgraphed on the set of his overrated drama series, Yellowstone, wearing an endorsement for Liz Cheney, the daughter of George W. Bush's infamous veep.
Before Costner was a Republican, he was a vocal Democrat. Before he became a Democrat, he was Republican and an alleged good friend of Ronald Reagan. The two used to golf and share cocktails in the 1980s, back when Kevin Costner was still a burgeoning star. This year, Costner endorsed Liz Cheney for Wyoming senate in the Republican primaries. In a photo, since fact-checked by Snopes, Costner is seen on the set of Yellowstone wearing a shirt that reads, "I'm for Liz Cheney".
Liz Cheney retweeted the image, stating, "Real men put country over party," a clear reference to the actor's past Democratic affiliations.
Kevin Costner is known to have close friends in politics, more than former president Ronald Reagan. He campaigned for Barack Obama in 2008 and endorsed Pete Buttigieg for the Democratic nomination in 2019; but when Buttigieg dropped out, Costner endorsed Joe Biden.
Costner's reasons for endorsing Liz Cheney are unclear, but political connections and friendships could play a part. Costner's character on Yellowstone is also a stone-cold conservative and anti-progressive, leading some to believe the endorsement was a move to amplify John Dutton and to appease the show's new Republican following in the mid-West and America's ranching communities.
Rather than endorse someone who might be a MAGA candidate, Costner chose a safe, moderate member of a Washington dynasty.
Cheney supported the second impeachment of Donald Trump and has continued to lead an internal GOP revolt against the Trump wing of the party. In February, Cheney was censured by the Republican National Committee for participating in the House investigation into the overblown January 6th "insurrection".
Liz Cheney is hardly a Republican. Costner's endorsement of her is more likely to be an endorsement of the anti-Trump wing of the Republican Party and a flippant joke meant to poke fun at the GOP's in-fighting.
When all is said and done, Kevin Costner belongs to the same entitled, out-of-touch Hollywood family that has spent the last six years mocking and attacking blue collar, working-class Americans who have seen their country sell out to China and open its borders to lower wages and globalization. There should be no shock when their beloved Democrat, who plays a Republican on television, sarcastically and flippantly endorses an establishment politician who has relentlessly attacked and demonized their movement.
If Kevin Costner and Liz Cheney are friends, it should be less of a surprise.
Since her humiliating loss to a Trump endorsed candidate in the Republican primary, Liz Cheney has become a darling on CNN and MSNBC. They have speculated about a possible run in the GOP's presidential primaries against Donald Trump and Ron Desantis and about how Cheney could revolutionize the Republican Party and purge the Trump elements by uniting the wings. Their salivating has become unbearable and their intentions of dividing Republicans and conservatives using Cheney is out in the open.
That is, after all, Liz Cheney's only real accomplishment. She has succeeded at dividing Republicans and allowing herself to be used as a tool by Democrats in media and Hollywood to further attack MAGA Republicans and the growing America First movement.
If Kevin Costner's endorsement is nothing more than Democrat mockery, it would be fitting for what has become the well-known culture inside Hollywood. Hating working-class Americans and mocking their concerns is nothing short of what should be expected from Hollywood's wealthiest members. Costner himself has exhibited a traditional Hollywood persona throughout his life, from dating a radical left-wing activist named Birgit Cunningham to fathering multiple children with multiple women.
Kevin Costner is a typical, run-of-the-mill Hollywood celebrity. He'll set aside any shred of morality he may have to play any character that would elevate his net worth. He'll endorse any candidate who shows him affection, or any candidate that never misses an opportunity to degrade and insult hardworking, blue collar Americans.
Kevin Costner will continue to support the corrupt establishment swamp in Washington while remaining mum about Hunter Biden, as long as it serves his career.