February 1st, 2023 | Tara murray

Three mOre Recent Conservative Movies

These three movies send a traditional, conservative message.
It is difficult to say which movies are the "top three most conservative" in recent years, as opinions on the politics of films can be a heated debate. However, here is a brief list of three films that have been commonly regarded as conservative in a hyper-liberal Hollywood. You can find all three of them on a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon or Pluto.

American Sniper (2014)

This film, directed by Clint Eastwood, tells the tragic story of Chris Kyle, a US Navy SEAL who served in the Iraq War. The film has been seen as conservative in its portrayal of Kyle as a patriotic American hero who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his country. The film triggered strong reactions and criticisms from liberals and liberal film critics.

Gran Torino (2008)

This film, also directed by Clint Eastwood, tells the story of a retired auto worker who forms an unlikely friendship with an Asian teenager. The film has been regarded as conservative in its depiction of traditional American values, such as hard work and personal responsibility. The film came under fire for its portrayal of Asian Americans and for its usage of racist slang.

Passion of the Christ (2004)

This film, directed by Mel Gibson, is a depiction of the last hours of Jesus Christ's life. The film has been seen as conservative in its depiction of Christianity and its emphasis on the importance of faith. The film was a massive success among conservatives and Evangelical Christians in the United States.

Watch a trailer for each film below.