Justin Trudeau: Agent Of CHina

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Revelations from Canada's intelligence community have shed light on an extensive and elaborate attempt by the Chinese government to bribe Canadian politicians and to influence the country's elections. The report revealed at least 11 candidates who had been paid by Chinese influencers, mostly Liberal. The report also revealed a colour-coded set of "political interference tactics" by Chinese operatives: 

Blue: sophisticated cyber attacks on smartphones, computer networks and hotel rooms for blackmail purposes.
Gold: bribes.
Yellow: "honey pot" sexual seduction to compromise specified targets.

To date, despite the recommendations by a committee, Justin Trudeau has refused to initiate an independent inquiry. Dating back to 2013, one year before Chinese operatives were first instructed to donate to Trudeau's foundation, Justin Trudeau held a highly publicized meet-and-greet with women, where he described his admiration for China's basic dictatorship. 
The CSIS report revealed that China's sophisticated strategy was designed to return the Liberal Party to power, viewing the Liberal Party as most beneficial in advancing Chinese interests. To read more about the report, click here
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